Are you making this mistake while building your website?

This is the biggest mistake made by brand new websites. Are you doing the same?

The biggest mistake most businesses make is to think about customer acquisition after they finish building their website.

The correct way is to build your website and it's distribution strategy parallelly. Both of these take time, and your website (it's structure, content, keywords) is dependent on your distribution strategy.

Distribution strategy goal:
Before you choose SEO, Facebook, Instagram or any other distribution mediums to reach your customers, you need to identify the distribution strategy goal(s) for your website.

Your goal has to be a hard number that can be used to measure your progress. Example: Get 5000 users to your website every month. Or increase website users by 2% every month.
Identifying different distribution mediums for your website:
The easiest way to identify the best distribution medium for your website is to study the top businesses in your industry. There are many tools online (E.g. Ahrefs, SEMRush, SpyFu) that can show you what marketing strategies your competitors are using to reach their customers. You can use these tools to learn how these websites have acquired users in the past.

It's important to identify which medium is most effective for your website as there are more ways to reach your customers than what your budgets will allow. And, not all the mediums will give you the same results.

Start by doing your research (analysing at least 30 similar websites in your space) to build a list of all the possible distribution mediums. Then, you need to quickly test (for small budgets) and learn which mediums are the most effective for your website to get new users.

In this testing phase, you are not trying to max your budgets. Instead, you are testing to learn the effectiveness of each medium.

To start with, answer these two questions:
1. How much does it cost to acquire one customer via this medium
2. How many customers can you get in total via this medium
Budgets in the testing phase:
You don't need to spend a lot for testing. For example, instead of running a Google ad all over India, run it in one city; instead of running 100 ads, run 2 ads; instead of partnering with 10 Instagram influencers, choose 1; Instead of a 30-day partnership, choose 1 hour, and let them delete the post after 1 hour. When done properly, you can test each medium for less than Rs. 10,000 (~ USD 150).

Identifying the top 3:
When you are done testing all the distribution mediums identified from your research, you will have a comprehensive list of total costs and returns associated with each medium.

It's tempting to choose and execute all the strategies from your list - but this is a mistake. Instead, focus on three at the most because each medium will introduce more mediums within them. For example, while you are doing SEO (and building backlinks), you may have to partner with complementary businesses (Partnership strategy) or promote yourself on other websites (PR strategy) to increase your rankings. Partnerships and PR are distribution mediums on their own - and will have their costs.

It takes time to build a website. You don't want to spend months post that figuring out your distribution strategy which is a waste of time and money. Instead, do it parallelly - so that once your website is ready, you also know what marketing strategies to use to reach new customers effectively.

About the Author:

Arjun Rajkumar is a full stack developer and runs a web development company in Bangalore, India. He likes building digital products that your customers will love.

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