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Arjun Rajkumar

Web developer: Ruby on Rails + Vue.js

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Hello 👋! I'm a remote Ruby on Rails developer that can bring your digital product ideas to life.

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“I have worked with Arjun on 3 different web projects. Highly recommend and can make your vision come to life quickly and elegantly.”

Yashas J, Founder - iTweak

Things i've made
  • ElephantPath

    From idea to MVP to a full web platform that connects yoga retreats with yoga holiday lovers


    ElephantPath listed all the top yoga retreats in India - but a customer who visited their website couldn’t choose which retreat they wanted based on values they preferred.

    They wanted to create multiple filters using AJAX - but was worried about creating duplicate content because of the filers.

    Most of their traffic came from SEO, so had to make sure that their team could easily create SEO optimised pages quickly.


    By adding multiple filters right on the top of every landing page, each customer could easily select featured they were interested in.

    As SEO is important, we made sure to apply canonical tags to all the pages generated via AJAX (as they had very similar content). Also, added a no-follow and no-index tags to these AJAX pages.

    Built an admin panel which makes it easy for elephant path to easily create SEO optimised country specific or retreat specific yoga pages automatically.

  • iTweak

    Increased leads and improved internal operations for an Apple service center


    iTweak wanted a backend system where they could quickly upload, remove new Apple devices from their home page + landing pages

    Most of the incoming calls to the iTweak customer support team was from customers asking the status of their phone repair, and when it will be ready for pickup

    iTweak has a number of agents (people who repair phones) on the road everyday - and each time a customer enquires - someone has to manually allocate an agent to the customers depending on their availability and distance (how far the agent is from the customer)


    Built them a custom blog engine (with proper structured URLs and meta tags that allowed them to rank high on Google for almost all their keywords).

    Built them an admin panel where they can upload new devices (e.g. iphone 6S, ipad etc), add the colours, the issues and it shows up on their landing pages.

    The admin panel also showed all their customers data (which jobs are delivered, which are pending) and allowed them to send auto emails to customers

    Completely changed the enquiry form on the landing pages. This new lead gen tool has improved conversions by more than 60% compared to their old wordpress website

    Built them a customer status section - so when a customer gives their phone for repair, the customer can then log in to see the status of the repair, the details of the technician who is repairing it, ask question/help etc if needed.

    They have many technicians working for them -- each technician can sign up and see the jobs assigned to them.

    The algorithm also assigns new jobs to technicians based on the availability of the technician and how far the technician is from the customer.

  • Technico Football

    Built a Content Management System to help marketing move faster for a sports school


    Marketing team wanted to make changes to their website without the help of developers.

    They also had new programmes happening every month and wanted to update these program pages automatically.


    Built them an admin panel - which allowed their team to create dynamic pages easily.

    With the integration of the content management system (CMS), their marketing team could quickly publish pages in less than a day (without depending on developers)

    Upcoming programs could be added via the admin panel

    Thd admin panel also allowed the team to add new team members to be displayed on the team page

  • SpaceWorks

    Building a social media platform for a startup team to pitch investors


    The startup wanted to help co-working spaces improve communication between their members

    They also wanted the co-working space members to better network with each other and share what each of them were working on

    Each of the memebers should be able to add their company profile, plus team members to their profiles

    Both members and company profiles should be able to post status messages, comments on what they are working on, and send messages to different members.


    Built a social media web platform targeting co-working spaces for the startup

    This allowed the co-working space's customers to communicate better with each other and share status updates.

    The members could share more about their business, what they are working on, what they need help with etc.

    By adding a chat and messages section to the web app, the co-working space could increased communication between their members.

    This will result more people networking with each other - and better communication within the co-working community.

  • Workforce

    Built a web application for an HR company that supplies blue-collar workers to MNCs


    Workforce did a lot of the internal work manually. For example, each time a new employee joined their workforce, they would correspond via emails and get them to fill in the required information. They wanted to move all this online somehow so that everything was documented properly.

    Workforce’s clients who hired the employees needed to know all the employees details at any given time. Currently there was no online process enabling this.

    Also, at the end of each month they had to manually check the number of hours each employee worked, and then invoice their client accordingly.


    Built an internal online tool that helped Workforce collect information from their new employees quickly. This was all stored on the cloud and could be accessed by anyone on the Workforce team.

    Built them an Employee dashboard section - where employees can see the companies details, fill in the required company forms, and upload their basic details - like PAN, educational copy. As soon as this is filled, the workforce admin can check and approve if ok, or ask for revisions, or edit it themselves.

    Built them a Client dashboard section - each client (E.g. IBM) has many users (e.g. HR manager, tech) - and each of these users should see different screens on login. As in the HR person should see all the employees which Workforce has hired for them, and see each employees details if needed. The payment guy should login and see all the payment / invoices pending info etc.

    Built them an admin panel - Workforce team can log in and see all employees who have applied. Once they approve the employee, they can attach the employee to a job which is under a client. When they attach a client to a job, the employment offer letter is sent automatically (which pops up on the employees dashboard).

    Admins had a lot of flexibility to do a lot of things online (which were previously done offline) : Eg upload and send invoices to the client, upload/edit/delete new jobs under each client.

    Different admin people had different roles - e.g employee admin only saw the employees related info, where as the client admin only saw client admin. Master admin had access to all.

    Overall, it helped smoothen the working process for Workforce both internally, and with their employees and clients.

  • Grade10

    Built a web development project to help businesses improve their NPS score


    Grade10 wanted to build a web application that allowed their clients (businesses) to collect feedback from their customers quickly.

    They wanted each of their clients to easily see all the customer feedback and respond if necessary.

    The feedback should be sorted according to the NPS score on the dashboard.


    Made a web app that enabled Grade10’s clients to collect feedback easily

    The main dashboard showed all the feedback sorted by score

    Allowed each client to collect feedback from their customers by email or directly via their website (e.g. after receiving the order)

    Increased social media shares by encouraging happy customers to promote the clients product or service in exchange for a discount

  • Kumarakom Lake Resort

    Generated 400+ links and 60% more organic traffic for a luxury resort in India


    Kumarakom Lake Resort wanted to improve their Google rankings and be found when their potential customers are searching for holidays in India.

    Most of they traffic came from Google Adwords, but they wanted to focus on SEO, and increase organic traffic in the coming months.


    Changed on-page SEO tags, URLs, website structure to target keywords that had high search volume

    Built 400+ high quality backlinks to improve the domain authority of Kumarakom Lake Resort

    Increased organic traffic by more than 60% to their website

  • SEOTrack

    Built a SAAS platform that tests SEO changes with organic traffic around the same time


    SEOTrack had to crawl thousands of pages everyday and check if any meta tags or content was changed on those pages.

    If any SEO change was detected, SEOTrack has to measure if the change led to an increase of decrease in website traffic.


    I used Sidekiq Batches to run on the background and to check everyday if any meta tags or content was changed on a website

    By integrating with the Google Search Console API and the Google Analytics API, I could get and display page level traffic stats on the dashboard

    Cron jobs were setup to automatically run the background jobs for 4 weeks

  • Amrutha Ortho

    Increased leads with a new website for one of the leading orthopeadic clinics in Bangalore


    Amrutha Ortho previously used Wordpress to market their services online.

    Their marketing team wanted more control with how/when content can be updated on the website

    The received most of their leads via Google Adwords, but wanted to reduce the CPCs


    I converted Amrutha Ortho from Wordpress to a custom built website that was designed to improve conversions

    With the new landings pages they were able to reduce their daily ad spends by 50% while still getting the same number of leads everyday

    From the admin panel they could do many things from creating SEO optimised dynamic pages quickly to changing any content, image on the website on their own.

    With the integration of the content management system (CMS), their marketing team could quickly publish pages in less than a day (without depending on developers)

  • Kaggle

    Built a deep learning model that predicted with 93.8% accuracy what breed a dog is.

    Case Study
  • BoostCTR

    Built a Shopify app that helps stores increase organic Click Through Rates from their Google listings

  • Bangalore Creative Circus

    Built the online presence for a 20,000 sq feet arthouse in Bangalore doing some interesting work around art, science and sustainability.

  • Speed Audits

    Built a Shopify app that tracks speed and performance metrics for your e-commerce store. It checks if your store is faster than your competitors.

  • OFLY

    Built a platform for in-depth information on flight training in India - Flight schools, courses, medical officers, resources and more.



“We're very happy working with Arjun. Always delivers what is promised.”

Shelley Thayil, COO - The Paul Resorts & Hotels

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“Arjun really gets involved in the whole process and takes up the responsibility of delivering the project from the idea stage to a fully working product.”

Sandeep Jayaram, Founder - Quirk

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